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I have been attending Pilates classes for the last 10 years with various teachers and I can honestly say without any doubt that Su’s classes are the very best I have attended. Her enthusiasm shows through in the way she teaches and this ensures that all her pupils get the maximun benefit from their classes.

Su’s “one-to one” sessions are well worth investing in, and are very beneficail for anyone having specific needs for a particular injury or vulnerable area of the body. Su is very professional, well qualified, and has the ability to pass on her knowledge and explain exactly how to undertake each exercise.

I have no hesitation in recommending Su to anyone wishing to take up Pilates.

Sue Orwell, Horseheath

I joined Sue’s class last September and have rarely missed a week since! I have a lower back problem that needs “managing”, and Sue’s classes have worked brilliantly for me. What’s fantastic about them is that there is always a level to suit, depending on how you feel on the day, so if I really want to challenge myself then I can, if I want to take it easy and relax, no problem. Sue is incredibly inspirational, loves what she does, and it shows.

Kay (Nurse), The Camps

I’ve been to Pilates classes before with limited success. With Su you get small groups with different levels of exercises to suit all abilities or disabilities. The 1:1 tutorial before you start the group classes ensures she is fully aware of any problem areas, that you know how to do the exercises correctly and to help you get the best out of the group sessions for your individual needs. I had been going to Pilates for 2 years and didn’t realise I was doing the some of the moves wrongly.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome / ME and Pilates is one of the few exercises approved by my doctors. It has helped strengthen my weak muscles, improved my posture and stamina. Because of the graded options Su gives for each movement and the variety of stretches I am able to join in the class even on bad days. Because the groups are small there is a friendly team atmosphere. Su checks in on everyone individually and make everyone feel welcome and encouraged. Her high level of Pilates qualifications together with her firsthand knowledge of how it can be used to help recover from injury make her an excellent teacher.

Sheila, Haverhill

I have been going to Su Mathews Pilate classes for about a year and a half (I think) now, and can honestly say it’s the one physical activity that I have stuck to and enjoyed, Su has always been so enthusiastic and passionate and totally professional in every class that she teaches and will always go out of her way to help and advise each one of us on our particular needs. I always come out of class feeling so energised and refreshed.

Mandy Darby, Steeple Bumpstead

I came to Su’s Pilates class 18 months ago. Initially I was nervous I had not done much exercise for years, I wanted to reconnect to my body and improve my mobility and start investing in my health for the future.

After a few private sessions with Su I joined her weekly classes. The classes are very friendly, small, and non-competitive. Su always has a welcoming smile and bags of enthusiasm.

Su has a real passion for Pilates which she generously shares in a friendly, caring, and encouraging way. She is always there to help and support and guide you and she is only interested in what is right for you, it always feels comfortable to work at your own pace within the class. Su teaches the exercises in such a way that you can choose by listening to your body what level is suitable for you that day.

Although Su is a very experienced Pilates teacher she is continually studying Pilates and enthusiastically brings back new ideas to share with the group.

I have noticed in myself much more fluidity of movement, far less back pain than I used to have and people have commented on my posture.

Claire, Linton

Since starting my classes with Su, my back is stronger! The classes are a fun way to increase tone and fitness, I recommend them.

Delia, Retired, Steeple Bumpstead

Hi, just wanted to say how much i look forward to your Pilates class every week, have been going for a year and notice if i miss a class! It leaves you feeling energised and toned, but also relaxed too! Looking forward to the new term, well done Sue for putting together such a great programme

Linda, Shuddy Camps

I began Pilates 10 months ago following advice from my orthopaedic surgeon who recommended strengthening exercises to develop the distance between the discs in my neck following a road accident some years ago. I could not have anticipated the difference it is making to my ability to move, stand, drive and use my arms. The added benefit has been the progression away from pain and the feeling of wellbeing after a class. The abdominals section, especially the classic hundred, is not for the faint hearted but I would wholeheartedly recommend Bodydesign Pilates as a total form of exercise.

Helen, Linton

Before joining a class Su makes sure you have a thorough undestanding of the techniques of Pilates. This makes Su’s classes not just a weekly exercise class but something you can take away and use in every aspect of your weekly life. When you join one of Su’s classes she shows an interest in the well being of everyone, insisting you each work to your own level. Su’s classes are great fun, very friendly – and give you a thorough work out!

Shirley, Shudy Camps

Su’s enthusiasm is totally infectious. She is skilled in her craft and patient and encouraging with her student. I look forward to the weekly sessions as an hour of ‘my time’.

Sue, Steeple Bumpstead

Having suffered with a bad back for years, Su’s Pilates classes have made an enormous difference. I am now pain-free and feel so much better in myself. I have been to other Pilates classes but Su’s are the best by far. She paces the classes toensure everyone is able to do the exercises properley and within their own range. She is very approachable and helpful, and the classes are good fun! I have enjoyed it so much I now go twice a week and have even dragged my husband along too, who is also benefitting, so Thank you Su!!

Penny, West Wickham

With the passing years, I was concerned to retain what little flexibility I could; encouraged by my chiropractor, I sought a local pilates teacher, probably more in hope than confident expectation. Su Matthews has a depth of knowledge and an innate enthusiasm for her subject which cannot fail to encourage and inspire. After a few sessions with her I find myself fitter and more mobile than I had thought possible in so short a time. I enjoy my lessons, I enjoy putting them into practice at home and I even believe her when she says that my golf handicap will improve.

Ben, Linton Cambridgeshire