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My Pilates Qualifications

When I decided to take Pilates a step further and train to become a Pilates teacher, Body Control Pilates was recommended as one of the most comprehensive, professional and highest available standard of Pilates training.

Body Control Pilates is widely seen as a benchmark for safe & effective teaching of the highest quality. The BCPA, the membership body for all Body Control Pilates teachers, is Europe’s foremost professional body for Pilates teachers & its members have all, at a minimum, completed a comprehensive training course in Body Control Pilates matwork. Almost all then go on to take other certification courses that are offered by BCPA. All BCPA members work to a laid-down Code of Practice governing teaching standards, professional ethics & continuing education.


Back4goodwhiteBack4Good Practitioner - Back Care professional

Body Control Pilates - Supervised Training Teacher (Cambridge Region)

Body Control Pilates - Qualified ‘Level 3’ matwork teacher

Register of Exercise professionals (REPS) - ‘Level 4’ Advanced Exercise Instructor

Register of Exercise professionals (REPS) - ‘Level 3’ Pilates Teacher

Body Control Small equipment certificates held for:

  • Pilates and the Band
  • Pilates and the Foam Roller
  • Small Ball and Toning Circles
  • Baby Arc

Body Control Special Populations Certificates held for:

  • Pregnancy 1 - Ante Natal
  • Pregnancy 2 - Post Natal

Other Certifications:

YMCA Personal Fitness Trainer , Including: Gym Instructor, Cardiovascular Machines, Resistance Training, Fitness Assessment, Fitness and the Older Person, Nutrition and Weight Management, Walking, and Circuit Training.

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