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Pilates Classes (£8 per person, per session)


1 to 1 sessions


1 to 1 sessions

1 to 1 sessions
Horseheath Village Hall
6:30-7:40 Level 3 (70min)
7:50-9:00 Level 2/3 (70min)


Linton Village Hall
6:15-7:30 Level 2 (75min)
7:40-8:55 Level 1/2 (75min)


Linton Village Hall
09:50-11:00 Level 3 (70min)
11:10-12:20 Level 1/2 (70min)

Linton Village Hall
Healthy Backs
12:30-1:45 Level 1 (75min)


Linton Village Hall
09:50-11:00 Level 3 (70min)
11:10-12:20 Level 1/2 (70min)

Pilates Levels

Pilates Level 1 (Gentle)

This is a level 1 class suitable for those completely new to Pilates. Designed to teach the Pilates basics and to those who want low level Pilates and movement

Pilates Level 2 (Improvers)

This class is designed to offer various levels in the exercises to allow clients to develop the principals and techniques of the Pilates methods.

Pilates Level 3 (Intermediate)

This class is designed for those who have refined the basics and are wanting more challenging exercises. We increase loading and add more complex exercises.

Further information

Classes run as courses, usually 5-7 weeks costing £8 per person per class, and paid as a block payment to secure your place in the group.

Classes have a maximum of 12 participants to adhere to the BCPA code of practice and promote close supervision.

Note: One to one sessions are a must for those starting Pilates from new, and those recovering from injury and needing rehabilitation.

Unfortunately no refunds are given for missed classes (you can ‘catch-up’ at any other class within the same block of classes subject to space availability).

If classes are full, a waiting list will be in place. You can join a course that has already started if there is space

To gain the full benefits of Pilates, it is important to try and attend classes as consecutively as possible. As with all forms of exercise – results require consistency.

A typical BodyDesign Pilates class

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